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Features & Benefits (continued)

•  No more lost. faded or forgotten documents.
•  No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.
•  We archive the share documents for 10 years.
•  No special equipment needed.
•  Easy Setup. No need for IT Dept.
•  HIPAA compliant.
•  Simplified management and reporting.
•  24/7/365 document access anywhere you can make mobile call.
•  Unlimited number of documents.
•  Easy to use.
•  Allows you to be much more efficient with your time.
•  Keep a copy of your medications.
•  Very secure individual per family virtual file cabinet vault of images.
•  Great place to have a copy of important documents like passports, driver license, Social Security ID, Emergency information, and much more.
•  Your own very secure virtual file cabinet vault of images per family.
•  We only keep public information meta data like; first, last name, email address, gender, birth date, mobile phone number
   and document categories. We do not keep any private information as meta data.

Today, there’s a better and easier solution which is available 24/7/365 which is MyFileit PE App.
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