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Your Liability Exposure

Insurance liability exposure can be significant for many organizations. By ensuring all documents and forms are collected and easily accessible, MyFileit Events can not only limit insurance liability, but also provides staff better access to any of the team's players, events and staff documents. Using MyFileit Events is the only way to guarantee all documents and forms have been completed and immediately accessible by staff.  Even if a coach or teacher loses their clipboard, all important information can be easily accessed using a mobile device. Knowing all forms, especially medical and emergency forms can be instantly accessed when needed, is peace of mind regardless of insurance liability.

The organization should have additional concerns like;

• If one of the participants has a medical emergency and the staff has forgotten the medical form, now they have to wait until someone finds their parents or

   guardian. While this is being done, precious minutes are  being wasted which could lead to more serious complications or even death.

• If participant has diabetes, or allergies or the need for an inhaler. These and other types of medical concerns are commonly listed on the medical release forms

  filled out by the participant's doctor. Now with MyFileit Events the right people can see the doctor's instructions right away.

Today, there’s a better and easier solution which is available 24/7/365 which is MyFileit Events App.
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