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In the past, this collection process was cumbersome for both organization collecting and participants providing the document information.

MyFileit Events version is a unique and powerful free App to download and install available in Apple and Google store. Search for “myfileit event” or “myfileit”. That allows you to create a safer environment for kids as well as making it much more convenient for parents to manage their families’ important documents. You get the required documents by either, downloading them from the organization’s website, and printing them out, or from your child bringing them home and you filling them out. These documents can be; permission slips, insurance information, emergency information, athlete forms, medical forms, concussion baselines, membership ID’s, birth certificates, and much more. Using MyFileit Events APP, just SNAP (take a picture via your phone / tablet) of your family member’s personal documents. Then INDEX and SAVE the documents in the Microsoft’s Azure cloud to your MyFileit Events secure HIPAA compliant individual virtual file cabinet vault. It’s that easy to do!  Now you can SHARE the filled out documents with teachers, coaches, and staff and know that the documents will be received like permission slip and insurance information and not left in a children’s backpack.

You share the documents via MyFileit Organization Event Doc queues. These queues are unlimited, allowing you a unique queue for every event allowing you to receive the paperwork from the user anytime. The assigned staff member to that event can verify or reject (email sent back to the parent) document via their mobile phone. The documents are automatically filed away for 99 years. No more making copies. You and the staff have 24/7/365 access to their documents, which insures in case of an emergency, your staff has the ability to share the documents with EMS, Doctors, and others, reducing the likelihood of bad information resulting in the wrong treatment. The nice thing about the Mobile APP is its easy and makes you more efficient, but at the same time does not really change your existing procedures.

•  MyFileit Events does not affect your existing software such as registration, payment, Student Information System (SIS), or 
    other types of software you may be using.
•  There’s no fancy software that IT Dept needs to install or special equipment. 
•  No, day of the event crisis that the document does not meet the requirements.
•  No long term agreements. 
•  You can stop at anytime. MyFileit Events takes a very short time to install and setup depending on the number of staff.

Who Pays

• MyFileit Events is free to Organization to register on the Myfileit network.
• The organization decides who pays.
• The user gets a free 30 day trial period for sharing their documents. Afterward there is a low per user cost of $3.99* for a yearly
   Subscription Key for unlimited use and or for every 200 documents saved over the first 200 documents stored.   
• If you play more than one sport or have more than one field trip, it still only costs just one charge per user per year.

*Due to Apple's Policies, we have to charge $5,99 in the Apple Store for a Subscription Key. You can purchase Subscription Key for $3,99 on the MyFileit's website.

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