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How MyFileit PE Works

How Personal & Expenses (PE) Works (continued)

MyFileit PE is secure place to store and access a copy of your important document 24/7/365 such as membership Id, passport information, certificates, medical information, medication information, emergency information and much more. In addition, MyFileit PE is a great way to collect your company's expenses receipts and your tax information and receipts. MyFileit PE makes collection of this document much more convenient for the user.

Using MyFileit PE APP,  just SNAP (take a picture via your phone / tablet) of your documents. Then INDEX and SAVE the documents in the Microsoft’s Azure cloud to your MyFileit PE secure HIPAA compliant individual virtual file cabinet vault. It’s that easy to do!  Now you can SHARE the filled out documents with within MyFileit Network to your accountant, bookkeeper or Out Side Network via email. No more losing or forget those tax deductible receipts. You also have your personal information easily accessible if you need it.

•  MyFileit PE is stand alone and does not affect any of your existing software.
•  There’s no fancy software that IT Dept needs to install or special equipment. 
•  No more forgotten, faded or lost receipts or paperwork.
•  No long term agreements. 
•  You can stop at anytime. MyFileit PE takes a very short time to install and setup depending on the

    number of staff.

Who Pay?

• MyFileit PE is free to Organization (accountant, bookkeeper, etc...) to register on the MyFileit PE network.
• It's free for users to download install and setup an account.
• The user gets a free 30 day trial period for SNAP, INDEX, SAVE & SHARE their documents. Afterwards

   there is a low per user cost of $3.99* per user for a year for 200 documents.

• If you need to save more than 200 documents it costs 200 per 200 documents.

* Due to Apple's Policies, we have to charge $5,99 in the Apple Store for a Subscription Key. You can purchase Subscription Key for $3,99 on the MyFileit PE website. 


•  Free APP.
•  Secure Virtual File Cabinet Vaults.
•  Unlimited personal document storage.
•  HIPAA compliant.
•  Use your phone or tablet to take pictures of the documents.
•  Supported: IPhone (Apple), Android and Windows phone.
•  $3.99 and up per user per year to save 200 personal documents.
•  Secure document sharing
•  24/7/365 document access
•  Easy management of your documents.
•  HIPAA compliant
•  Simplified management and reporting to assure all students have submitted the required documents.
•  24/7/365 document access anywhere mobile service.
•  Unlimited number of events.
•  Easy readable reports documenting those who have not sent in the information and those who have.

Document Security and Retention

My-Fileit PE meets or surpasses the HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Anytime you login into MyFileit PE you are using 256 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. MyFileit PE will never give any information unless the user approves it or it is required by law. My-Fileit PE will retain the document data in its depositary for 10 years. Any user or Organization may request a copy of their information at anytime. There will a small processing and handling fee require to receive the copy.

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