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MyFileit PE (Personal and Expenses) helps any one to collect and retain personal receipts, company's reimbursement expense receipts as well as other information. No more forgotten, faded or loosing receipts. MyFileit PE makes so much easier and convenient in the collection of these documents.

MyFileit PE is secure place to store and access to a copy of your important document 24/7/365 such as membership Id, passport information, certificates, medical information, medication information, emergency information and much more. In addition, MyFileit PE is a great way to collect your company's expenses receipts and your tax information and receipts. MyFileit PE makes collection of this document much more convenient for the user...

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It's Great For Your Personal & Business Use

MyFileit PE allows you to make copies of your important paper such as Driver license, Passport, Membership ID, Medication Information, and much more. This ensures in case of an emergency such as; fire, flood, earthquake, lost of your wallet you have a truly safe place to access your documents any place in the world that you have internet access 24/7/365. It’s easy to do! Just use your mobile phone or tablet and SNAP (take picture) INDEX (add the type of document it is and SAVE to a very very secure Microsoft cloud server. The server has your own virtual file cabinet vault. 

Now you can have peace of mind for a little more than a penny a day.
In Addition, if you if you lose or forgot your documents you can easy view through MyFileit PE APP. You can also SHARE your documents.

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MyFileit PE makes professionals and organizations jobs much easier to collect and sort receipts and other information.  No more sorting paper receipts or boxes of receipts.

At the same time, your clients and employees have a more convenient way of collecting and sharing those receipts with you, without going to your office. They can go to your MyFileit PE, event queue and share their information with you. A link to their document will be place in your MyFileit PE company event queue. You will be notified by email that someone sent you document. You will be able to go via your mobile phone or tablet and view their document. In fact, you could do most of their tax returns and other accounting services without the need to see them..

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  • You can win Prizes for just saving your documents.
  • Saving documents Reminders
  • HIPAA Claimant
  • Very Secured Environment
  • 24/7/365 anywhere you

       have phone access


  • 10 years of storage.
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It's Great For Keeping Receipts

1) Less stress and mess! 

2) Paperwork flow made easier.
3) Access 24/7/365. 
4) Easy collect your receipts and
    share with your accountant or
    bookkeeper, financial advisor.
5) Great keep track of your 
    company expenses and share it 
    (email) to the company
6) No lost or faded receipts
7) No more forgetting those tax
    deduction receipts.

What We Do

We provide an App to protect your documents and make your life a little easier.

MyFileit PE Testimonials

MyFileit PE has made life so much easier. It didn't take very long to take pictures of my important documents and save them.

Now I have peace mind.

Adam Johnson

Philadelphia, PA

Wow, I'm so happy with your service. It exceeds all my expectations! All for $3.99. MyFileit PE is so efficient.

Louise Smith

Chicago, IL

With all the fires burning out here, I know my paper documents are safe. .You guys rendered an invaluable service! Thank you!

George Fisher

Phoenix, AZ