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About MyFileit Events

MyFileit Events is a unique and powerful free App that allows you to take pictures of you and your family's important personal documents. Index and save the documents in the cloud using a secure virtual file cabinet vault. This allows you or your authorized staff access to your documents almost anywhere 24/7/365. Its enables you to be able share documents securely with your, schools, clubs and organizations

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How MyFileit Events Helps Schools, Sports Clubs & Organizations

MyFileit Events helps organizations such as Schools, Colleges, Sport Clubs, etc... who need to collect and verify any type of documents. 

1) Less stress and mess! 
2) Paperwork flow made easier.
3) Access 24/7/365. 
4) Available anytime in the case

     of an emergency.
5) Documents are in a secured


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  • Make it easier and more efficient for parents & staff
  • Saving documents reminders
  • HIPAA Claimant
  • Very secure environment
  • 24/7/365 anywhere you have phone access.
  • 10 years of storage.
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What We Do

We provide an App to protect your documents and make your life a little easier.

MyFileit Events Testimonials

We have taken pictures of permission releases, birth certificates and medical forms since 2014. It has made it much easier to find a players records especially when we are in Las Vegas and need them

Chan Han Director

Synergy Volleyball Club

We will be using MyFileit Events for the club as well as for tournaments we run. This is great and really ensures the information needed is there in the cases of an emergency.  There is no more stress relying on a person to carry the information.

Rich Comley, President

Delaware Volleyball Academy

MyFileit Events is awesome. I have three kids. One has peanut allege, one has an inhaler. It’s so comforting to know the teachers and coaches have my kid’s medical information at a click of a button in case of an emergency but still being in secure environment. We used it for Permission Slip too it’s so easy just sign the permission take a picture and share it with the teacher. The App is very easy to use I give it 5 stars.

Kristina W, Parent

Philadelphia, PA