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Be Prepared & Protect yourself

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(fire, flood, storms) by keeping a copy of your important docs in a secure virtual vault with 24/7/365 access.

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 You are automatically entered into MyFileit's Monthly Prize Drawing every time you save a document.

MyFileit's document management environment has already stored more than 1,000,000,000 (billion) documents!

• Keeps personal and

  business expense

  receipts and allows
  you to share them. 

• No more lost or

  faded receipts.

• No more sorting


• Easy and secure to

   use Snap, Index,

   Save & Share.

One Year New Subscription for MyFileit PE

MyFileit PE (www.myfileit.com) is a unique and powerful free App available in the Apple and Google stores. Search for “myfileit pe”, making it much more convenient for users to manage their important documents. These documents can be; travel and entertainment receipts, gas and maintenance receipts, company receipts, insurance information, emergency information, medical information, medication information, membership ID’s, birth certificates, passport information, driver license, tax returns, wills, mortgage information, and much more. Using MyFileit PE App, just SNAP (take a picture via your phone / tablet) of your documents. Then INDEX (choose file folder category) and SAVE the documents in the Microsoft’s Azure cloud to your MyFileit PE secure HIPAA compliant individual virtual file cabinet vault. It’s that easy to do!  After you save your document, you can SHARE your documents within MyFileit Network to your accountant, bookkeeper, or Outside Network via email to anybody.

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To Install:


1) Click icon above or Go to your App Store and search for "myfileit" then pick PE version and download and install it.

2) Create your account and login.

3) At the Main menu, slide your finger on the
    screen to the right. Go to "Management Share 
    Key". Enter your promo code.

4) Pick a User to Apply the Promo Code. Press
    Associate button, then press the Apply bar and
    your done.

 If you have any questions go to http://myfileit.com

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