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MyFileit PE Direct Ambassador Program is based on MyFileit PE APP, which most people between ages of 18-90 can use. Most people consider it very useful. This is not really a sales program. No sales pitches to learn. All you need to do is be yourself and just tell people in your words about MyFileit PE APP and how they can protect their  important documents and receipts for just $3.99 per year from a disasters like fire, floods, storms.

Based on the Red Cross estimates, over 66% of all adults in the USA have not done anything towards preparedness for a disaster such as fire, flood, or storms?  It’s MyFileit's mission to change that through MyFileit’s mobile App called MyFileit PE, which allows you to protect your important paper documents from a disaster.

It's also estimated that thousands of dollars of allowable tax deductions are lost every year, because the receipt becomes faded and unreadable. IRS will not accept them. MyFileit PE can be used to track your personal and business expense receipts and by saving them in your MyFileit PE Individual Virtual File Cabinet Vault (IVFCV), there will be no more sorting, fading, unreadable, lost or forgotten receipts. That will cost you far more than $3.99!

All we are asking you to do is tell or post to your friends, groups and others on social media about MyFileit PE and ask them to Download the APP from either Apple or Google Play App Store. Install it and try it out. There is a 30 day full featured free trial period. You would also give them your Rewards Code, which will give them a 10% discount from $3.99 to $3.60 for the first year. You will earn 0.50 every time they buy MyFileit PE. That can mount up to be big money depending on your effort and can be recurring.

MyFileit PE has three major uses;

  • protecting and organizing your important documents from a disasters.
  • keep track of your personal and business expense receipts.
  • be sure you have a good digital copy of your tax deductable receipts, before they fade and become unreadable or get lost.

How the APP Works

MyFileit PE (www.myfileit.com) is a unique and powerful free to download and install mobile APP available in both the Apple and Google App stores. There is no credit card required. To download MyFile-IT PE APP, just search for “myfileitpe” and be sure to select PE version.

MyFileit PE makes it much more convenient and efficient for the users to manage their important documents like; tax returns, insurance information, travel and entertainment receipts, gas and maintenance receipts, company receipts,  emergency information, medical information, medication information, membership ID’s, birth certificates, passport information, driver license numbers, wills, and much more.  In a disaster, you will need many of these documents to get help within a few days or fill out a claim for agencies such as; FEMA, SBA, insurance companies, and other agencies.  The lack of these documents results in longer delays for the claimant to get help. It costs the agencies much more in resources that could go to other places, because the claim has to be left open for a much longer period of time and try to get copies of documents if they are even available.

It’s easy to use MyFileit PE App. Just SNAP (take a picture via your phone / tablet) of your documents. Then INDEX (categorize into desired folder) and SAVE the documents to Microsoft’s Azure cloud to your MyFileit PE very secure environment in a HIPAA compliant Individual Virtual File Cabinet Vault (IVFCV). It’s all integrated in your phone which the camera, which makes real easy to do!  No Hassles! You have access to your documents 24/7/365 anywhere your phone works. You can SHARE the documents within the MyFileit Network of professionals such as your accountant, bookkeeper, financial planner, etc… or outside the MyFileit Network to anybody that has an email address. 

The user is allowed to download and install a full featured MyFileit PE and create an account for free. The user gets a free 30 day trial period for saving their documents.  Afterwards, there is a low per user cost of $3.99* for a yearly Subscription Key for unlimited use, which includes the ability to store 200 documents. If you store more than 200 documents, it just costs another $3.99 per 200 documents stored.

*In Apple App store the cost for Subscription Key is $5.99, but you may purchase it $3.99 at www.myfileit.com

The Benefits of MyFileit PE Direct Ambassador Program

  • Work when ever and where ever you want.

  • No work schedule.

  • Be your own boss.

  • The potential to earn a lot of money.

  • You will be helping people become prepared for a disaster and not loss tax deductions because of faded or unreadable receipts..

  • MyFileit PE only cost $3.99 on web site or Android APP.

  • MyFileit PE is in both Apple & Google APP Stores

  • MyFileit PE offers revenue sharing and recurring revenue steam to you.

  • MyFileitT PE is easy and free to Download, Install, and use for 30 day trial period.
  • Whenever person uses your Rewards Code to get MyFileit PE you get credit. You will be notified via email and you just made a 0.50 commission.
  • It’s a great image builder for you! It shows how much you care about your friends and associates wellbeing by offering the MyFileit PE App as a tool to help protect their important paperwork if a disaster occurs.
  • MyFileit PE does all the App support for your users.

What You Need

  • All you need is either a smart phone, tablet, desktop computer and internet connection.

  • No experience is necessary.

  • No special training. Just be yourself.

  • You need to purchase MyFileit PE on the website for $3.99. We will give you a Rewards Code free, so you can take advantage of 10% discount for yourself. This will help you really have a good understanding how MyFileit PE works so you can tell others.
  • Fill out MyFileit PE Direct Ambassador online Application to get your Rewards Code. It takes about 3 minutes.

You will be able to earn 0.50 everytime someone uses your Rewards Code for the purchase MyFileit PE yearly Subscription Key. Just think in a year how much that will mount up to big earns. From Year to Year.

Our Proposal

Basic MyFileit PE Direct Ambassador Plan (1st Year)

You would tell your friends, group and other people on social media about MyFileit PE using your existing way to communicate with them. You would ask them to download & install MyFileit PE for free for first 30 days trial period and try it out.You would provide them with your Rewards Code, which will allow the users to receive a discount of 10% on $3.99 ($3.60) for the first year Subscription Key and to be able to save up to 200 documents. The User can only use the Rewards Code once. You must purchase MyFileit PE either on MyFileit’s website (www.myfileit.com - See home page header for your App store Icon) or using MyFileit PE Android Version. 

Apple Users: If the Apple users buys it directly from the Apple App Store, at this time there no way to track the purchase, so we cannot discount the purchase and give you a revenue sharing commission. Apple users can buy the MyFileit PE Subscription Key easily on MyFileit’s website www.myfileit.com (see home page header) for $3.99 less Rewards Code discount.

Revenue Sharing:  MyFileit PE will revenue share with you at the rate of 0.50 per user per year on paid-in-full Subscription Keys at retail or discounted rates in which, a person used your Rewards Code then purchasing MyFileit PE Subscription Key. That User can only use the Rewards Code once. We will pay you Revenue Sharing via your bank checking account when either you earn $10.00 or 30th of every quarter unless less $5.00 owed whichever comes first. Every year on 30th December MyFileit PE will settle up on whatever is owned under terms of Direct Ambassador Agreement.

Recurring Revenue Sharing:  As long as you meet MyFileit PE, requirements to receive Recurring Revenue Sharing you will. You will receive recurring revenue sharing commissions each time a person pays their yearly Subscription Key fee that used your Rewards Code. Think about what that means over the next 20 years? It will mount up! We will pay you Revenue Sharing via your bank checking account when either you earn $10.00 or 30th of every quarter unless less $5.00 owed whichever comes first. Every year on 30th December MyFileit PE will settle up on whatever is owned under terms of Direct Ambassador Agreement.

Promoting MyFileit:  MyFileit will provide articles and email Reward Code templates, social media and other materials for you to use to promote MyFileitPE. You can promote MyFileit PE on Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, trade and events shows, community & student bulletin boards, news articles, fund raiser, emails, etc… as you see fit. The more you promote MyFileit PE and your Rewards Code the more of a chance you have to make more revenue share commissions.

In summary, MyFileit PE is offering you a unique opportunity to have fun, help other by telling about MyFileit PE and earn a lot of money in your spare time, as well as being able to receive recurring revenues from MyFileit PE for as long as you promote MyFileit PE and meet the requirements. What a great cause!  Just think, this can grow to be a large amount of money over the next 5-10 years without much effort at all.  We are looking to create a partnership with you to help us in your mission to help people. There are very few programs that claim that they can make you money and actually accomplish it. We are looking forward to building a real partner relationship with you.

The User downloads & installs the App from the either Apple or Google App store and creates a User Account. The user pays for the APP either at MyFileit PE website ( www.myfileit.com, see Home page Head) or through Google Andriod Version and puts your Rewards Code as part of the credit card payment form to receive a discount. You have just started to receive revenue sharing.

• Each time the user saves a

  document, they are automatically

  enter into MyFileit PE monthly

  prize drawing.

Different Uses

Important Documents

Important Documents


T/E Expenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between MyFileit PE Versions & Google Docs, Dropbox, etc...?

A: The major difference is that MyFileit PE interface is simple and fast to use. (SNAP, INDEX, SAVE & SHARE) You will save a lot of time with MyFileit PE.

MyFileit PE has integrated the camera directly into the App. You do not need to take a picture and then go to your picture folder and name the file and upload it. MyFileit PE Privacy Policies is not open. MyFileit PE does not share your data with anyone unless directed by a court of law. MyFileit is HIPAA complaint and each Family User's account is a separate Virtual Cabinet Vault. Unless you have Google’s premium, Google does not offer HIPAA complaint nor is Dropbox and many others.

Q: Does the App meet all regulations for Banking, Investments and Insurance?

A: Yes, to the best of our knowledge we meet all regulations.

Q: How many years does MyFileit PE save your documents for $3.99?

A: MyFileit saves the documents for 10 years and notifies the user to renew for $3.99 per 200 documents for another 10 years or they need to remove them.

Q: May I send my MyFileit PE Rewards Code to my existing clients and anybody else I want to via Email or Text?

A: Yes, As long as you are in good standing with MyFileit Direct Ambassador Program.

Q: How many documents has MyFileit PE platform handled?

A: MyFileit's document management environment has already stored more than 1,000,000,000 (billion) documents.

Q: My clients get a vault with their financial software. Why do I need?

A: True, but they only get the vault if they get your services. This will help you get their business, by giving them something useful and keeping your name in front of them. They might not be ready for services right now. Giving MyFileit PE shows how you care about them.

Q: Do I have any liability giving away MyFileit PE?

A: To the best of our knowledge none, but we are not legal advisers. Of course anybody can sue anyone. The MyFileit PE user agrees to the MyFileit PE license and the policy and procedures. In additional, the user must agree each time they upload or send their documents that they are authorized to do so.

Q: What happen to my documents if you go out of business?

A: Your documents are yours. We have made arrangements with a 3rd party to insure that your account with us will be accessible for a year, if we go out business  You will receive instructions on how to acquire your documents in that year period.

Q: How secure is the MyFileit PE Virtual Vault?

A:  MyFileit PE is very secure. Each User has their own separate Virtual File Cabinet Vaults that stores encrypted locations of their documents. The documents' file names are encrypted. The only common data is public information like; first, last name, phone number, gender, and email address. All communication is by 256 bit SSL. It’s HIPAA compliant. You must agree each time to upload to Microsoft Cloud a level 3 environment to your MyFileit PE Virtual File Cabinet Vault or send documents from your account.


Only cost is $3.99. The cost of your MyFileit PE.

You may use Rewards Code for yourself.