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MyFileit is unique frontend system for mobile interface for mobile phone and tablets  available in both Apple and Google App Store. This document management frontend uses 123Fileit for its backend, which was founded in 1998 and has stored more than 1 billion images. MyFileit and 123Fileit are owned by same company BCMC. MyFileit security meets the requirements of HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. MyFileit offers a few different versions for various industries.


MyFileit PE Version

MyFileit PE (Personal and Expenses) has become the flag ship product. It helps anyone to collect and retain important documents, personal receipts, company's reimbursement expense receipts, as well as other information. No more forgetting or losing receipts. No more faded receipts. MyFileit PE makes it so much easier and convenient in the collection of these documents and sharing them. MyFileit PE is a very secure place to keep copies of your important documents and have 24/7/365 access. Some of this documents are; membership Id, driver license, tax returns, passport information, certificates, medical information, medication information, emergency information, and much more. In addition, MyFileitPE is a great way to collect your personal and business expenses receipts, which allows you to have your tax information at your finger tips.


How It Works

MyFileit PE is a unique and powerful free APP to download and install. It is available in Apple and Google store. Search for “myfileitpe" , making it much more convenient for users to manage their important documents. These documents can be; travel and entertainment receipts, gas and maintenance receipts, company receipts, insurance information, emergency information, medical information, medication information, membership ID’s, birth certificates passport information, driver license, and much more. Using MyFileit PE APP, just SNAP (take a picture via your phone / tablet) of your documents. Then INDEX and SAVE the documents in the Microsoft’s Azure cloud to your MyFileit PE secure HIPAA compliant individual virtual file cabinet vault. It’s that easy to do!  Now you can SHARE the filled-out documents within MyFileit Network to your accountant, bookkeeper, or Outside Network via email to anybody.

No more losing or forgetting those tax deductible receipts. You also have your personal information easily accessible if you need it.


•  MyFileit PE is stand alone and does not affect any of your existing software.
•  There is no fancy software that IT Dept needs to install our special equipment.
•  No more forgotten or lost receipts or paperwork.
•  No long-term agreements.
•  You can stop at anytime.
•  MyFileit PE takes a very short time to install and setup.


MyFileit PE VSafeDepositBox Version

MyFileit PE VSafeDepositBox version is designed for large and small commercial and saving banks and credit unions to provide online safe deposit box via a mobile phone/tablet App. This version is only available through participating commercial and saving banks and credit unions. This new unique approach to protecting customer’s documents is much better and more secure than the traditional safe deposit box approach. There are many advantages, but one of the biggest is that the consumer has access 24/7/365 to their documents any place that your mobile phone works. Customers like the flexibility and convenience that MyFileit PE VSafeDepositBox provides.


MyFileit offers commercial and saving banks and credit union a simple turnkey approach to offering MyFileit PE VSafeDepositBox by being a third party partner. We would  provide you all Phone/tablet App  software, support and secure cloud hosting environment. This hosting environment is very secure 3 tier using Microsoft Azure Cloud. The phone/tablet software app would be available in Apple and Google App stores.  It’s very easy to implement.  We would provide all the support for the mobile App’s. You woould only need limited resource from your staff. In most cases this would in the area of marketing and reviewing our security measures. 




MyFileit PE  software is developed around an exclusive agreement with123File-IT, LLC to exclusively use a propriety document imaging software platform for the backend, which has been used for more than 15 years to develop a Personal Scanning and management Phone and Desktop app.

123File-IT, Inc. (“123File-IT” or the “Company”) 1998 provides a new breed of commercially proven full featured document management software including workflow, CRM, Emailing Archiving and content management modules. Or simply put 123File-IT replaces metal file cabinets with digital ones. This robust service was developed using Microsoft.NET technology. It is browser (web) based and allows the company to offer many more advantages than conventional software to the customer. 123File-IT business model is based on subscription or usage-based residual income cycle pricing model. This model allows the customer to reduce the risk and capital requirements needed to buy a document retrieval system. This allows123File-IT to offer software to businesses for less cost than buying and maintaining a metal file cabinet.


123File-IT enjoys a vast market. In fact, there are lots of signs that document imaging is moving towards the fast track because of legislation like Sorbonne & Oxley, SEC Rule 17a-4 and Check 21, as well as some major court cases decisions (JP Morgan) that have made business liable for not protecting and keeping documents. The document imaging industries is large and there is a good amount of competition in the enterprises end of the market place. 123File-IT market is any company that has from one to many filing cabinets. 123File-IT is placing it efforts at the middle and small business where many companies cannot complete because of the business and technology model that 123File-IT offers.

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